RubbaTech knee pads for the BMW RnineT range of models


  • Protection never looked this good!
  • Individually hand made for your RnineT
  • Ultra strong and abrasive resistant
  • Gracias Toni. Mi banco dice que estará contigo hoy.
  • Original RubbaTech product designed and manufactured in South Africa


Rubbatech pads (tank pads, knee pads and pannier pads) are all individually hand made from an ultra strong and durable rubber, with extremely high abrasive resistance and UV stability. We strive to produce a product that does not only give maximum and effective protection, but also with unique styling and non ageing appearance.

All Rubbatech pads use a clear PVC application tape, with a glue stability range from -10 up to 100 degrees Celsius. We believe you will have many happy kilometres with Rubbatech!

BMW RnineT (long) Knee pad by RubbaTech

SKU: AK RnineT (Long)
    • Top to Bottom - **cm
    • Top width - **cm
    • Base width - *cm