Litelok ® Gold Moto 108


Litelok Moto 108 is the world’s lightest, flexible Insurance rated bike lock made in Britain. Litelok Gold Moto 108 is a lightweight Sold Secure Gold-rated motorcycle lock that's easy to use and portable by design. It's the perfect lightweight motorbike lock for when you're out and about, giving you peace of mind.


5***** - MCN for Quality and Value


Litelok Moto locks are considerably lighter than any other Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle Lock on the market. Weighing just 1.46 Kg, this lock is also flexible, and portable, meaning you don’t have to carry heavy, cumbersome locks when riding. It is easy to store inside your topbox, or curled up inside a tank bag.

Liteloks have been thoroughly tested by us, and independently tested by Sold Secure, the world-class certification house, achieving a high security rating of Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold. Many motorcycle insurers will reduce your insurance premium if a Sold Secure rated motorbike lock is used to secure your vehicle.

It complements a disc lock and is much lighter than a chain!

The composite nature of the Boaflexicore® strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing. The strap includes multiple innovative lightweight materials, each of which provides a different and additional layer of security against the various tools and the lock cylinder and mechanism is well protected by the innovative lock casing design. The lock also incorporates a sliding keyhole dust cover which reduces dust ingress and makes it easy to locate the keyhole in low light with the help of the high-contrast dust cover.


Each Litelok Moto also comes with two neoprene, washable skins to help keep your Litelok in pristine condition.


SKU: LL03-027-S108-BLKX
    • Light - Each Litelok Gold weighs just 1.46 Kg
    • Flexible - Secure your bike easily to a wide range of fixed objects when out and about
    • Secure – Patented BOAFLEXICORE® composite strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing
    • Pairable - Innovative in-line lock system allows you to use two Liteloks together for extra security, or joined together in series for extra length
    • Click to lock - Click together to close without the need for a key, making it faster and easier to secure.
    • Sliding keyhole dust cover - Reduces dust ingress, and a high-contrast dust cover making it easy to locate the keyhole in low light.
    • Stainless steel locking cylinder - Durable and hard-wearing to keep your keys and lock cylinder corrosion free
    • Easy to carry - Attach Litelok to your bike with WrapStraps, or carry in your bag or panniers
    • Coded keys - Every key is coded giving you peace of mind should you need a replacement. Ensure you register your product after purchase.
    • 1 x Litelok Gold bike lock
    • 2 x Keys
    • 2 x WrapStraps