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Rubbatech prides themselves in the highest quality of each product, design and cured personally, by hand and quality checked individually to ensure that their new owners are happy and will be for many adventures and travels across the globe.


Not only is the product made in South Africa, but it is considered for all weather Adventures, whether it be minus temperatures in Iceland and Alaska, to the hot and dusty Outback down under in Australia.


With a simple silicon wipe and some TLC, they look as good as ever, and will stick with you until you upgrade to your next ride. And as many customers have returned, there is no alternative for Protection than Rubbatech.


Some statements from our clients include: “The best looking..”, “Quick service and great fit and quality”, “I'm very particular with what I put on my bike and this tank pad was perfect!”, “I look forward to any new products you may have in the works.”, “Thanks to Facebook I would never have come across what I consider the perfect tank pad for any bike.”, “I was looking for something esthetically not excessive, and Rubbatech’s products are perfect. Excellent quality and graphics, with fast delivery”, “Great after sales service and guidance”, “Fast response, perfect quality and EXCELLENT designs...”, “Superior material fits just perfect. Great pad. Thank you Rubbatech!”… name a few.


The RubbaTech story



Rubbatech was founded in South Africa in 2014 by a true petrol head, and bike master…Louis Snyman. Not only has this been part of his contribution to motorcycling but this is another part of his amazing talents in the creation of custom motorcycling, designs and the art of true brilliance in paintwork and techniques. As an active rider and lover for motorcycles since the 80’s, Louis found his passion in the design and paintwork of custom motorcycles. This needless to say meant seeing the good, the bad and the ugly, and one key component was missing….Protection. How do we protect these beauties from day to day wear and tear, but also ensure rider safety, comfort, value add and again, design? So Rubbatech was born from these basic fundamentals, and therefore the Vision of – Protection never looked this good!!


This amazing journey started in a small suburb of South Africa, after months of investigation and comparing different products available in the market and getting a view of the real need, Louis found the answer in creating durable, strong, supportive and robust Rubber pads. This was the key, find the right material, find a strong but non-damaging glue and then look for the best place to start. With his significant experience in design and understanding what makes your special ride, even more special, Louis set out to design products that would add to the already good look of the motorcycle and started designing some popular models for BMW. 


This is where the journey started, and with the significant demand and positive response from the marketplace, decided to expand the offering not only into other Brands and Models, but also take this outside of the borders of South Africa. This is when Rubbatech Europe was started, and where the steppingstone to the Global audience was born. Rubbatech Europe in partnership with Rubbatech South Africa now has close to 50 active Resellers and have sold products to clients in more than 45 different countries.


Rubbatech has proven, beyond any doubt that it is a Global Market Leader in this space, and that the products sold, are of the highest quality, and confirmed by many to be the best-looking Elite Protection pads out in the market today, by a long mile!


Mike W

2005 BMW R1200GS 

GoGravel Customer

"I have had your headlight protector for 2 years on my GS and love it! Use the small lens in amber for increased visibility and it does the job. Today I discovered the large clear lens had cracked pretty bad. Not sure if rock hit it or not but damage is substantial. Headlight and protector frame are fine. It did its job!  Thanks for making a great product"

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